For the purpose of landscaping, GRC has very versatile features. Worldwide, it has been used in its capacities as screens and railing boundary walls, gazebos, GRC planters, fountains, water bodies, benches, entrance gates, cordoning around swimming pools, murals and all.

Many of the world’s largest theme parks use GRC to recreate rockscapes, replica buildings, the simulated environments for animals, and much more whereas in the building projects, leisure facilities, urban renewals and the municipal schemes ever increasing attention is focused constantly on built environment. GRC is leaving its footmark in the designing in the form of seaters, planters, kiosks, bollards, signages, statues, water-fountains to name a few. The GRC with its adaptability characteristics in desired forms, shapes, sizes, structures and fine surface finishing is aesthetically compatible with the chosen environments to be fine tuned further in the marvel of elegance and class.

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